relieving pain, promoting fitness, improving recovery

Welcome to Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation, Fitness and Pain Management.

We are a state-of-the-art, freestanding, veterinary rehabilitation clinic conveniently located just north of Atlanta, Georgia in the suburb of Marietta. If your pet is having difficulty moving, recovering from surgery, in pain, or just isn’t fit enough to enjoy life, GVR can help. Under expert care in our spacious, comfortable facility, your pet will receive an intensive, directed treatment plan, developed by a veterinarian and aimed at speeding healing, recovery, and return to function.

Led by Evelyn Orenbuch, DVM, CAVCA, CCRT, GVR’s skilled, compassionate team offers acupuncture; chiropractic; laser therapy; hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill and SwimEx pool); massage; exercises for strengthening, stretching, and balance; and day boarding for pets requiring intensive therapy. Our fitness, pain management, and recovery solutions are tailored to fit your pet’s needs and your expectations. Call or email us to find out how we can help your pet live a happier, more comfortable life.